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Mamie Van Doren Interview

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Mamie Van Doren, 1985 TV Interview and Song

Mamie Van Doren discusses her life and career and sings "What Did I Have That I Don't Have" in this TV interview from 1985, ...

Mamie Van Doren, Perry Anthony--1990 TV Interview

Mamie Van Doren chats with cable TV host Skip E. Lowe in this 1990 interview program, joined by son Perry Anthony.

Skip E. Lowe and Mamie Van Doren

Skip E. Lowe (inspiration for Jiminy Glick) and Mamie Van Doren interviewed by Steve Sturla.

Mamie Van Doren Interview Florence Henderson Show

Mamie Van Doren Interview on Florence Henderson show.

Mamie Van Doren--1992 TV Interview and Song Medley

Mamie Van Doren chats with cable TV host Skip E. Lowe in this 1992 interview, including her rare New Year's Eve performance in ...

Mamie Van Doren, Connie Francis--1984 TV Interviews

Connie Francis was recovering from personal problems and Mamie Van Doren was enjoying a triumphant new career as a Disco ...

Mamie Van Doren, Hollywood Glamour & Sex Symbol Star to return on 3D TV?

Mamie Van Doren, A genuine Hollywood Icon at 81 years young, ElectricTV interview at the 3D Entertainment Summit in ...

What's My Line? - Mamie Van Doren; Melvyn Douglas [panel] (Mar 24, 1957)

MYSTERY GUEST: Mamie Van Doren [film actress and 1950s sex pot, sometimes considered the poor man's version of Marilyn ...

Girls About Town (aka "Meet the Girls") Lost Mamie Van Doren Pilot

Girls About Town (aka "Meet the Girls") Unsold pilot stars Mamie Van Doren, Virginia Field, and Gale Robbins. As aired on August ...

Celebrating Mamie Van Doren`s 86th Birthday

Celebrating The BLONDE POWER LEGEND and a friend for almost 4 years:-)))

Mamie Van Doren

Oobala Baby” and “Go Go Calypso” from the film - Untamed Youth, (1957) directed by Howard W Koch, featuring Mamie Van ...

QNA Reporter: interview Mamie van Doren

Legendary Hollywood actress and singer Mamie van Doren survived her peers Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.


In a series of interviews spanning more than a quarter century, Mamie Van Doren — the last surviving '50s blonde bombshell ...

TMRS: Mamie Van Doren Interview on WFDU (part 1 of 3)

Legendary screen actress Mamie Van Doren was a guest on 89.1 WFDU fm's "That Modern Rock Show" hosted by Ghosty on ...

VR&PS: Mamie Van Doren interview (2013) on WFDU

Actress Mamie Van Doren was a guest on the 6/9/2013 edition of 89.1 WFDU fm's "The Vintage Rock & Pop Shop" hosted by ...

Mamie Van Doren at the Chateau Marmont

Mamie at the Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood for a Dita Von Teese party given by C Magazine, South Coast Plaza, and ...

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