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William Schallert on Patty Duke's offscreen life during "The Patty Duke Show"

For his full interview, see All content copyright The Television ...


Academy Award Winner Patty Duke discusses working with legend Judy Garland on the set of the 1967 camp classic VALLEY OF ...

Patty Duke speaks frankly about her crippling manic depression

Patty Duke dedicated the last few years of her life to talking about what it was like to live with bipolar disorder. She was fearlessly ...

Patty DUKE on InnerVIEWS with Ernie Manouse

Patty Duke comes from a childhood so dark and frightening it could have been written by Charles Dickens. She became a ...

Patty Duke on Whats My Line. (Taped February 19 1972)

Famous actress Patty Duke-Astin appears on the popular game show from the 70's 'Whats My Line'. Aside from Sharon Tate ...

Patty Duke & Frankie Avalon - These Are the Good Times

Frankie Avalon croons "These Are the Good Times" to Patty Duke in 1965.

Patty Duke | The Patty Duke Show interview and extra's

A little extra video, as I promised in my last upload! Hope you enjoy it and have a nice weekend. :)

Speak Your Mind - Getting Help and Getting Better: A Conversation with Patty Duke

What do you do if you are an Oscar and Emmy award winning actress who has been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder? Well ...

Young Patty Duke Introduces Helen Keller Documentary Film

Circa -1970's. Young Patty Duke Astin introduces the 1955 documentary film - "Helen Keller in Her Story" - Enjoy! ( I'll upload a ...

Patty Duke Interview (2008-05-01)

Heather Warlick interviews Patty Duke at the Oklahoma City Country Club.

Patty Duke (7/27/09)

Patty Duke Tells All Patty Duke, Actress In conversation with KCBS Entertainment Reporter Jan Wahl Patty Duke is a star of stage ...

Patty Duke- One of her final interviews "The Nicole Barrett Show"

Patty Duke shares details about her life, career, and the scandals! This was one of her last interviews..

Patty Duke Gay Pride 1986

An interview with Patty Duke and her views on gays and lesbians ion the 80's.

The Patty Duke Show S3E09 Patty and the Eternal Triangle

The Patty Duke Show Season 3 Episode 9 Patty begins to doubt Richard's commitment to her, and when Richard mistakes Patty ...

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