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The Life and Sad Ending of Susan Oliver

Mini Bio of actress Susan Oliver who is most famous for playing "The Green girl" on the television show "Star Trek". Please ...

The Love-Ins (Film - 1967)

The Love-Ins (Film - 1967) (INFO to posted later) Starring - Richard Todd. James MacArthur. Susan Oliver. Mark Goddard.

A Tribute to the Courage of Susan Oliver - Classic TV Star

Here is the story of actress Susan Oliver's near death experience and how it impacted her ability to find roles during the early 60s.

TCNW 413: Susan Oliver - Prisoner of Love

Two Chairs No Waiting - Andy Griffith Show Podcast can be found at This episode starts off ...

Star Trek green girl drops acid, hallucinates Alice in Wonderland, strips (1967)

Terrific campy clip from the otherwise unremarkable 1967 movie The Love-Ins, featuring actress Susan Oliver, who played one of ...

PEYTON PLACE: Episode 207 (Part 1 of 2)

Original air date: April 18, 1966 on ABC. An event from the summer of 1949 holds a deep interest for Ann Howard....Leslie tells ...

The Green Girl Official Trailer (2014) - Susan Oliver Documentary HD

Subscribe to TRAILERS: Subscribe to COMING SOON: Subscribe to INDIE & FILM ...

Oliver Reed drunk and disruptive

The Legend causes merry hell.

Susan George interviewed in 2002 on her farm.

Susan talks about her film career and her love of Arabian horses.

Susan Oliver interview on Saving Sears Island, ME

This interview was done the day of Rockport Opera House Concert August 8th, 2009. The concert was an effort to raise ...

Accomplice (TV-1957) SUSAN OLIVER

The GOLDEN AGE of TELEVISION: This episode, originally from season 2 of the anthology series Crossroads, was first broadcast ...

Outrageous Oliver Reed Interview on Late Night (1987)

The infamous Oliver Reed appearance on Late Night With David Letterman from August 5, 1987.

HD Historic Archival Stock Footage Actress Susan Oliver Flys Solo From New York to Moscow 1967

Purchase Link: True HD direct film transfer historic archival stock footage Newsreels ...

ROUTE 66 TV S2 E29 "Between Hello and Goodbye" [opening scene]

Tod is working at an amusement park and moonlighting as a realtor, when he comes across this beautiful, unabashed, ravishing, ...


Tribute to a beautiful Star Trek actress. Compilation from different movies and series. Here is Susan Oliver known from Star Trek ...


Interview with filmmaker George Pappy about his upcoming documentary on Susan Oliver entitled THE GREEN GIRL.

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