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Val Lehman + Carol Burns TVAM, Fiona Spence interview

Val Lehman and Carol Burns on TV-AM with Lorraine Kelly plus Fiona Spence interview.

Val Lehman & Amanda Muggleton Celebrate 40th Anniversary Of 'Prisoner' | Studio 10

It's been 40 years since the women of Wentworth Detention Centre were causing chaos behind bars. Craig Bennett caught up with ...

Val Lehman (Bea Smith) Prisoner Cell Block H interview (from best of DVD)

Pete McTighe interviews Val Lehman who played Bea Smith in Prisoner Cell Block H. Taken from the Best Of DVD volume one ...

Val Lehman (Bea Smith) Interview Prisoner Cell Block H

Here is an interview with Val Lehman who played Bea Smith in Prisoner Cell Block H. 10/11/08.

Val Lehman Celebrates The 40th Anniversary Of 'Prisoner' | Studio 10

The actor talks about the show's legacy as well as the upcoming cast reunion for a milestone anniversary. Get more out of your ...

Val Lehman Interview on 'Exclusive' - Channel 5 - 1998

Prisoner: Cell Block H star Val Lehman ( Bea Smith) interview on Channel 5 entertainment show Exclusive. With Sara Cox and ...

Maggie Kirkpatrick & Val Lehman from Prisoner interview

Maggie Kirkpatrick and Val Lehman interview in Wales.

Rare: Prisoner Cell Block H Cast Interview

Short almost where are they now style featuring Val Lehman, Carol Burns, Gerard McGuire and Lynda Stoner.

Val Lehman & Amanda Muggleton on Wogan 1990

Prisoner stars Val Lehman and Amanda Muggleton appear on Wogan to talk about the show and the imminent "Great Escape" ...

Actor and Prisoner star Val Lehman

Fred chats to Val about her career, Prisoner, and the upcoming meet-up/reunion happening in August. You can watch the clip ...

Val Lehman Interview RE: Her Last Episode

Val Lehman (Bea Smith) discusses her thoughts on the last episode she appeared in and the story behind it.

Interview with Val Lehman - Her Last Prisoner Episode

Taken from the 13th Volume of Prisoner: Cell Block H (out 2nd April 2012)

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